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This portable energy storage can even charge electric cars

From smartphones to electric cars, more and more devices are powered by lithium-ion batteries. In terms of performance, a lot has happened in recent years. But it can still happen that the battery is empty at some point. Happiness is who is near a charging station. All others rely on mobile energy storage. These are already available for smartphones in the form of so-called power banks. In the future, anyone who needs significantly more energy can rely on a product from the American-Chinese startup Zendure. Because at IFA 2022 the company presented an energy system for mobile homes called SuperBase V. The capacity of this energy storage can be flexibly adapted to the need and is between 6.4 and 64 kWh. The charge comes with a maximum power of 3,800 watts. If you combine two of these systems, you even get 7,600 watts.

The power storage wheels are motorized

The performance and charging capacity of the portable power storage device is high enough to power even electric cars. This is possible, among other things, because a so-called semi-solid-state battery is used. This should guarantee a significantly higher capacity than conventional batteries and also be less dangerous in the event of damage. However, the portable home storage system is not really light: the SuperBase V weighs around sixty kilograms in its normal configuration. The portable energy storage is therefore equipped with motorized wheels, so that no great muscle strength is required for the movement. However, this is different if, for example, the device is placed in the trunk of an electric car. The battery can be charged at a normal wall socket as well as at a charging station for electric cars. Alternatively, there is also the option of connecting a 3,000 watt solar panel.

There are many possible applications

In this case, even self-produced electricity would be stored. The customer orders will now show whether there are actually enough sensible application scenarios for the portable electricity storage device. For example, it is conceivable to use the system normally as electricity storage in your own four walls and otherwise take it with you on trips with the caravan as an emergency reserve. It can also be used as an emergency generator. The diesel appliances that are otherwise often used could be replaced here. Breakdown vehicles could also try to get broken electric cars back up and running with the portable battery. How great the demand will actually be will, as so often, depend not least on the price. However, this has not yet been communicated. All that is known is that a Kickstarter campaign will kick off at the end of this month. There should then be discounts for early supporters.

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