Dreame Bot Z10 Pro review

Vacuuming and wiping with just one device – that’s what Xiaomi delivers with the new Dreame Bot Z10 Pro. With an extraction station and numerous features in the app, it is one of the current market leaders. We have taken a closer look at the new vacuum cleaner and floor mopping robot and present you our impressions and test results.

Technical specifications

Weight: 3.7 kgDiameter: 35 cmHeight: 9.7 cmSize of the dust container: 400 mlSize of the water tank: 150 mlCapacity of the suction station: 4 litersCarpet detection sensorsRated power of the robot: 46 WHEPA filtersSuction power: 4000 paBattery type: Li-IonBattery capacity: up to 2.5 hours charging time with empty battery: 3 hours control via free Xiaomi Home App voice control via Google Assistant / Alexa

Installation & Installation

You can use the quick start guide to get started. Unfortunately, this is only delivered in English. However, the necessary preparations for use can also be found in the user manual.

After unpacking, the extraction station is placed on a flat floor against a wall. We find it very practical that it has a cable storage pocket on the back. This way the cable is not in the way and can be easily hidden.

The supplied side brush must then be attached to the underside of the vacuum cleaner and floor mopping robot. Xiaomi recommends fully charging the robot before the first ride.

After installing the Xiaomi Home app and connecting to your own WLAN, the first cleaning journey can begin. The floor surface must be free of objects lying around. For example, the vacuum cleaner and floor mopping robot can easily create a floor plan of the living space.


With the enhanced features and the expanded app, this robot vacuum cleaner and mop from Xiaomi is definitely one of the market leaders. But what can the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro do? And how did it go in our tests? Let’s start with the suction power of the robot first.

suction power

Xiaomi’s robot vacuum and mop can even imperceptibly suck up dust with the spring-loaded brush. The improved brush roll consists of a V-shaped brush and a rubber brush. This means that even long hair can be vacuumed without any problem.

In addition, you can set the suction power to four different intensities (light, standard, strong, turbo). However, with increasing intensity the robot becomes louder.

We tested the suction with grains of rice and lentils and weren’t too thrilled with the results. The vacuum and floor mopping robot more or less simply distributed the rice grains and lenses in the room. The Dreame Bot Z10 Pro thoroughly sucks up dust particles.

erase function

You can make specific erase settings for different floor surfaces. The app allows you to customize and control the erase function as you wish. There are three water flow settings: Low, Medium and High. For example, you can wipe high-level bathroom tiles and low-level laminate floors.

Unfortunately, the water tank is very small with a capacity of 150 ml. It is recommended by the manufacturer to replace the mop pad every 30 minutes while mopping. In practice, however, this quickly becomes annoying.

We also tested the sweeping function on a laminate floor. The erasing module is easy to assemble, but unfortunately did not last a whole cleaning on the robot. After all, the robot immediately reports the detached wiper module. This feature is definitely extensible and not 100% convincing.

to empty

We find the removal of dust and dirt via the suction station very practical. After cleaning, the robot automatically drives to the station and starts emptying.

The supplied dust bag in the station has a volume of 4 liters. This makes it large compared to other dusting and mopping robots and can hold dirt for up to 65 days, according to the manufacturer. However, the extra purchase of dust bags is an additional cost factor.

In the app you can set whether the dust container should be emptied after every ride. We find that the emptying works perfectly. Unfortunately, the emptying process is very noisy, even if only for a few seconds.

battery life

According to the manufacturer, the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro has a battery life of 2.5 hours. This depends on the environment and settings and may be lower. The first full charge takes up to 3 hours.

detection system

The vacuum cleaner and floor mopping robot is equipped with several sensors. These are designed to prevent collisions and falls. In addition, the optimized LiDAR system measures the environment with thousands of invisible laser points per second. This allows the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro to update the map in real time.

Xiaomi home app

The Xiaomi Home App must be connected to your own WLAN. You can then control many functions in the app. In our opinion, the app is very simple and clearly structured. In this way less technically gifted people can easily find their way. Here are some setting options:

Map management Cleaning history Room, complete or zone cleaning Suction and sweeping intensity 3D high-precision obstacle avoidance Display of maintenance plan Planning of suction times Child lock

scope of supply

The scope of delivery of the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro consists of:

Vacuum cleaner and floor mopping robotVacuum stationPower cordSide brushWater tankWiperCleaning toolSpare dust bag for vacuum stationInstruction manual

Advantages and disadvantages of the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro


In short, the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro is a solid robot for vacuuming and mopping floors. The practical extraction station and the functions of the app convinced us. However, we were less enthusiastic about the volume of the robot and the suction station. The erase function is certainly expandable.

Nevertheless, the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro is a handy household aid for a fair price. The robot will be available online and in stores from mid-August 2021.

Currently, only the comparable Dreame L10 Pro robot vacuum and mop is available:

All statements without warranty. Prices may have changed in the meantime.

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