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Purchase ILOs in the PreILO, pre revenue stage. PreILO is the ultimate buying, selling, trading and listing platform for pre revenue ILOs.

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Buy preILOs

Buy an ILO before it happens, get in on the bottom floor, make a difference, and make money.

Trade with us

With our trading platform, you can buy and sell ILOs on the secondary market.

List with us

If you're in a pre revenue stage but think you're ready to do a preILO, get in touch!

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Trades are not guaranteed and will only be executed if suitably matched. Upon clicking buy you will be required to deposit the money to complete the trade into our escrow account. Upon clicking sell, your licences will be transferred to the escrow account. This does not indicate a successful trade. Cancelled trade money and licences will be returned to your account within 48 hours.